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Gamble Online Poker – Soul Reads

November 14, 2014
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Hello again and welcome to Gamble Online Poker! Today we will be dealing with some of the wonders of the famous poker wagers. We will try to unravel the mystery around what many experienced pokers call a soul read, so stay with us.

Now you may notice that this article is not about the basics although it is intended for both the rookies and the professionals. Rookies might be a bit fed up with articles which are full of basic strategies and the essentials and might like to read about something that is more complex and intriguing, like the infamous soul read.

Special moves

Like this article, gamble online poker is not about just the essentials but also requires the knowledge of the so-called special moves which when mastered can be crucial if you want to win. This is not a story of supernatural powers, it’s actually the opposite. Soul reeds might sound mysterious but they’re all about making the right decisions at the right moment. Actually, when players talk about soul reads they are talking about difficult but correct decisions that might seem a bit weird and unpredictable to an unprepared bystander. From the bystander’s viewpoint, it might seem as though the players that make these moves know more about the game and the cards that are played then they possibly could by simple deduction. These moves are efficient and can end the game very quickly. If you want to be good at this, you will need to know your opponent extremely well. If you can read the players moves and confidently predict them, then you will correctly perform the soul read. This takes skill and time and a lot of preparation. It’s not a magic trick, it’s a calculated risk.

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